BESTT Weekly Job Tip #4
BESTT Weekly Tip: Effective Follow Up After An Interview 
The long-weekend has arrived and BESTT wishes you all safe travels and good times with friends and family. Drop us a line to share your stories, we love to hear from you.
This week is all about staying connected effectively after an interview. We have all had them, those fantastic interviews where you feel solid and invigorated about the position and you definitely felt the synergy between yourself and the company. But, now what? Wait? Do nothing? Cross your fingers and hope they felt the same about you - they did say stay in touch. You do not want to be too pushy, yet being too passive is excruciating too.  Here are some suggestions for your next interview to stay more in control and connected in the interview process:
Get Each Company Business Card(s)
Before the interview ends, if you have not been presented with a business card(s) from the interview or panel, make sure that you ask for one. The great thing with this is the company contact information is listed making it easy for you to stay in touch and follow-up. Ensure correct spelling of the interviewer(s) name is observed in follow-up communications.
If Is Ok To Ask, About Next Steps in The Hiring Process
This is a step that many job seekers forget or just skip after answering what can seem like a zillion questions and often left feeling a little overwhelmed. However, it is perfectly acceptable to obtain insight on where the company is at in the hiring process. Have they just started interviewing? Are they going to make a decision in the next week? This is where you can slide in the question "when is there a good time to follow up?". So if that time arrives, and the interviewer still has not contacted you, you can send the interviewer a quick email note or if you are comfortable, call the interviewer directly. Something like: "Hi Jim, I hope you are having a good week. You mentioned that your team was making a decision on the Mechanical Engineer position this week. I'm interested to hear an update. And certainly, if I may provide any additional information to support your decision-process let me know."      
That Thank You Note, Makes A Difference
Only 40% of people do this. Thank you notes was a tip-topic a few weeks ago, and now this is exactly how they come into play in the job search game. Please send individual thank-you notes to each person on the interview committee if you can, and if you did receive each of their business cards (which hopefully you did). Do so the same day of the interview on your iPad, or laptop, BlackBerry or other electronic device. Remember you are making an impression, leave an imprint in their minds. This is the time for demonstrating to a potential employer that you are on top of things and that you are definitely the one for the job. If you forgot a pertinent detail regarding you candidacy, this is where you have the chance to briefly mention it - you are reinforcing support for your hire.
LinkedIn, Using It For More than Just Another Connection 
Effectively using your LinkedIn account is a whole other topic, BESTT job seekers! I do say that after an interview this is fine to make a genuine connection on LinkedIn as you are trying to establish a long-term professional relationship. The fine balance, is not to ambush an interviewer right after the interview, you want to ask at the time when your interview is completed, at the phase of the next steps, if it is ok to bridge the connection after the interview on LinkedIn. Ask their permission. When you do connect on LinkedIn, you want to with something logical and not just a generic connection. For example, send a message to the interviewer that is an article that is relevant to the company, and ask if it is ok to forward it to them. Now, this is a genuine way to establish a long-term relationship whether you land the job or not. 
BESTT wishes you success in being strategic, savvy, and maintaining your professional personality in your job search. It is a strategy game of positioning yourself as the strongest person for the job, please remember this.
Your entry-way into that certain company, is within reach. With employing some techniques of politeness, respect, and authentic assertiveness -  that right job will be yours.