2016 Events

February      MentorUP! Calgary: Where to Drill for Jobs in Calgary's Oil and Gas Industry

MentorUP Edmonton: Networking Night

March          MentorUP Calgary: Discovering Opportunities in Renewable Energy

MentorUP Edmonton: Developing Leadership Skills

April            MentorUP Calgary: Is Education a Stepping Stone to Meaningful Employment?

MentorUP Edmonton: Coffee Night

2015 Events

January       MentorUp! Edmonton Coffee Night; MentorUp! Calgary - Professionalism and Networking Success

February     MentorUp! Edmonton - Discussion Coffee Night; MentorUp! Calgary - Coffee Night

March         MentorUP! Edmonton - Communication Workshop;

April           MentorUp! Edmonton - Engineering and Science Industry Mixer

June           Moonlight in the Meadows BBQ and Edmonton Golf Tournament

August       MentorUP! Edmonton - Professional Associations Discussion Night

September  MentorUP! Edmonton - Professional Panel

October      WISER/MentorUp Edmonton Conference on Entrepreneurship and Leadership 

November  OfficeJobs Presents: Resources for Your Job Search

December  MentorUP Coffee Night – How To Become An Entrepreneur

2014 Events 

January       BESTT  and MentorUP! Career and Coffee Night

February     BESTT and MentorUP! PowerUp - Navigate Your Career Transition

March         BESTT and MentorUP! Personality Types - Making Colours Work for You

April           BESTT and MentorUP! Career and Coffee Night

May            BESTT and MentorUP!  How Professional Associations Can Strengthen Your Career 

June           BESTT, Innovate Calgary, and MentorUP! Start-Ups and Your Career 

July            BESTT, TEC Edmonton, and MentorUP! Speaker Event - Money Management for Women

August       Summer Break in the Series

September MentorUp! Resume Innovation, BESTT Networking Extravaganza 

October     MentorUp! Edmonton Career and Coffee Night; MentorUp! Calgary - Winning Successful Interviews

November MentorUp! Edmonton Coffee Night; MentorUp! Calgary - Building Your Online Career Brand

December MentorUp! Edmonton Building Virtual Cultural Competency; MentorUP Calgary - Professional Associations Night

2013 Events

1. Technology Alberta Launch Event - February 

2. BESTT Cool Companies Career Event - February

3. BESTT HR Perspectives/Panel - March

4. BESTT TEC Edmonton Career Event - April

5. BESTT BIOTEC Career and Networking Event - August

6. BESTT Career and Coffee Night: Winning Interviews - September

7. BESTT/MentorUP Industry Associations Night - October

8. BESTT Sustainable Networks with MentorUP - November

9. BESTT Bioscience Showcase - December