Building Innovation in Alberta through the talents of all qualified people.

Internship Opportunities

BESTT facilitates entry into the workforce of highly- qualified personnel who are encountering obstacles participating in their field. The BESTT program assists individuals through access to networks, mentoring opportunities, and increased understanding of entry routes in various science and technology fields.

EMPLOYER INFORMATION SESSIONS:  BESTT hosts Alberta Wide teleconference information sessions on a monthly basis.  Email: to register for this session OR to discuss your staffing needs and available internship or training opportunities. 

In collaboration with Athabasca University, industry, government, and educational institutions, the BESTT program assists highly qualified personnel who are Science, Engineering, or Technology professionals and are at one of the following transition points:

- new to Alberta: whether from out-of-province, or immigrants to Canada

- recent advanced degree holders: graduates who want to innovate in industry

- returning from care-giver or other leaves

We at the BESTT program believe that by supporting these untapped talented individuals through training and mentorship, you will provide unique opportunities that ultimately contribute to building a diverse knowledge economy in engineering, science and technology.

We are seeking paid internship opportunities in your company of 3-12 months in duration to place our work-ready Science, Engineering, and Technology professionals.  To support your commitment in part, BESTT offers financial support from the Government of Alberta to employers to support the salary of each individual.

The BESTT Program provides value in two ways:  (1) each employer has an opportunity to facilitate the successful transition of a candidate for potential long-term employment in his or her profession and (2) the candidate has the opportunity to acquire valuable experience that will make them more marketable in Alberta after an absence from the workforce. 

Benefit by working with BESTT

- BESTT helps companies become more innovative through engaging (hiring) a greater, more diverse workforce.

- BESTT helps small, medium, and large companies find skilled people. Challenges for small and medium companies are twofold – to generate awareness with potential workers, as well as to hire a skilled workforce under a small budget.

- BESTT program provides support by bridging the gap in the value chain between Highly Qualified Personnel and companies (SME’s through to large industry) as the Alberta job market is in need of Highly Qualified Personnel.

- BESTT creates bridges between employers and Highly Qualified Personnel who are ready, willing and able to be employed in an innovative capacity.

BESTT can alleviate hiring issues.