Meet just a few of our BESTT Candidates…
BESTT Candidates are highly qualified Science, Engineering or Technology professionals who are at one of the following career transition points:
  • New to Alberta: whether from out-of-province, or immigrants to Canada
  • Advanced degree holders: graduates who want to innovate in industry
  • Returning from various leaves and ready to re-enter the workforce
If you are interested in contacting any of these candidates or others directly for potential employment, internship or mentorship opportunities, please email:
Candidate # 201: Civil Engineer, Storm Water Specialization
M.Sc. degree from University of Ottawa with more than 15 years working experience in storm water regulation, storm water prevention, and municipal drainage. Highly specialized in hydrology and hydraulics with sound knowledge and hands-on technical skills, such as water sourcing, data collection, modelling and design. He has worked as a consultant to do the engineering analysis, calculation, design drawing, and report writing. Experiance with projects such as culvert design, pipe system, fish passage, dike, reservoir, hydraulic structure, energy dissipation, ect. Strong written and verbal communication skills with good interpersonal skills.
New - Candidate # 202: Highway & Civil Engineer
Ph.D. in Highway and Civil Engineering from Kingston University of London. Over 15 years experience in project design, construction and maintenance in the domain of Civil Engineering. Project Management Consultant, Lecturer, Trainer and Public Speaker. Experienced in handling  construction projects from creation to completion. Expert in Pavement Recycling methods and Construction Waste Management Systems. Utilizes an analytical approach to problem solving and troubleshooting. Excellent interpersonal skills and proven ability to work in a fast paced environment. Recognized for proactive management of change. Communicated well with all organizational levels, taking special interest in well-being of employees and clients. Confident IT user and familiar with engineering software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Land Development, surveying and estimation programs.
New - Candidate # 203: Project Engineer/Project Planner
Bsc. Electrical Engineering and certificate in Cost Engineering  with over five years' experience in project engineering and seven years working in downhole electronics assembly, testing and calibration. Excellent experience in reading and interpreting schematics and blue prints. Good knowledge of PLC, SCADA, DCS and excellent working knowledge of Instrumentation and Controls. Performs systems and design analysis. Software skills include: MS office, Windows NT, DOS, excel, PowerPoint, Matlab, and MathCad. Good knowledge of Flexcom and Pipesim for flexible/rigid pipe design, umbilical, cable and Flow assurance analysis. Excellent user of Primavera P6 and Ms Project for project planning and project cost control. A very effective communicator, a team player and quick learner with outstanding problem solving and identification skills. Up to date safety tickets include: Standard First Aid/CPR Level C, WHMIS, BOSIET, HUET, H2S Alive, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Radiation safety with good attention to details. Active member of Project Management Institute and Society of Underwater Technologists.
Candidate # 206: Entry Level Electrical and Computer Engineer
MEng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of waterloo with a CGPA of 3.9/4.0. Four years of experience in EPCM for different projects worth of $48.2 million such as design of lighting, power distribution systems, telecommunications, instrumentation and control. Project Management experiance including quality checks on tender documents, estimates, bidding and project proposals while working on different construction projects. Software kills: Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Project, AUTOCAD. Excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, attention to details, team player, leadership, analytical, critical, presentation skills. Flexible and willing to take new challenges and roles. Willing to relocate.
Candidate # 207: Entry Level Mechanical Engineer
B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering (APEGA EIT candidate) with concentration in material properties and different failure mechanisms. Knowledge of Project Management modules: Planning , Budgeting , Scheduling and Project Control and working towards PMP designation. 2 years of construction project coordination experience. Familiar with CAN/CSA Z622 & Z169, and related ASME B31.1-4 standards/ piping codes. Working towards Power Engineering Class 4 Certificate. Proficient with reading PFDs , PIDs Very Good Knowledge of Thermodynamics and Fluid mechanics principles. Proficient with AutoCAD 2012 and design modification and understanding technical documents. Excellent computer skills and proficient with  Microsoft Office Suites 2012 including Microsoft Project. Other Computer Skills: Pro/Engineer Wildfire, Solidworks, matlab and HYSIS 3.0
Candidate # 208: Mechanical Engineer
BSc in Mechanical Engineering with 25 years’ experience,  working in different fields such as Chemical, Aircraft, Oil & Gas and machinery. Operational experience with ISO, API, SAE, CSA, CWB, ANSI, OH&S, NFPA, AMS and ASME standards. Familiar with the requirements of FAA & EASA. Strong understanding of the properties of materials, (steel, iron casting, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, cobalt alloys and plastics). Skilled in application of Pro- E (Wildfire 5) and Windchill, Solidworks, familiar with AutoCAD. Team player, especially multi-site, highly motivated and recognized for superior performance.
Candidate # 250: Reservoir Engineer
Experienced Reservoir Engineer with 15+ years of professional work on multiple integrated teams in the oil and gas industry. Skilled in Field development planning and execution, Uncertainty Management, Infill wells / Workover opportunity identifications, Wells & Reservoir Management, integrated production forecasting, Secondary and tertiary recovery design and optimization (water flood, polymer flood, CSS and SAGD), numerical simulation, reserves evaluation. Good interpersonal and communication skills, able to work independently or on a team environment. Software skills include: Eclipse, CMG, Fekete Harmony, OFM, PETREL, MS Office, MS Project, and more. Currently in the process of registration with APEGA.
Candidate # 252: Junior Process/Project Engineer

Master in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, currently APEG E.I.T. Knowledge and experience in oil and gas project management, pipeline assessment, process engineering operations and engineering design. Strong skills and experience in Aspen Hysis, PRO II and Comsol Multiphysics and CMG. Effective problem solver with special attention to details and technical accuracy used to execute four oil and gas production field redevelopment projects worth over $25 Million. Positive attitude, passion for continuous learning. Demonstrated excellent ability to work independently and within a team. Willing to relocate.

Candidate # 253: Petroleum Drilling Engineer
Petroleum Drilling Engineer-in-Training with experience in drilling and completion engineering including drilling models, cost control, hydraulics and well bore deviation control seeks employment with a petroleum exploration and development company. Work experience includes reservoir simulation, computer modelling of 2D heat transfer on pipelines. Student work includes contribution to a pipe corrosion testing feasibility study.  This candidate is proficient in C++ computer programming and in application of engineering simulation modeling software.   An APEGGA application for Professional Engineer status is in progress. Professional strengths include attention to detail, advanced organizational and analytical skills. Proficient in English and Mandarin, oral and written communications.
Candidate # 254: Petroleum Engineer
MSc. in Petroleum Egineering with 8 years experience in different oil field development multidisciplinary teams as well completion/production engineer.  Experience in both offshore and onshore fields. Expert in completion design, providing completion, recompletion, workover, remedial operation and well abandonment programs. Extensive experience with well production optimization especially with ESPs. Team player, excellent problem-solving skills. Extensive field supervision experience in completion, acidizing, coiled tubing, slick line with different completion types i.e. conventional, ESP, artificial lift, sand screens.
Candidate # 255: Petroleum Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering and MSc in Petroleum Engineering, APEGA registered E.I.T member.  Currently seeking an E.I.T position in the oil and gas sector. 2 years oil and gas experience includes  Field engineering trainee position responsible for proper supervision of coiled tubing work over operations; collection and  interpretation of wellsite data; safety and equipment pre-Installation checks and consistency of drilling mud rheological properties while drilling. Also experienced in Petrophysical  properties determination through special core analysis and EOR analysis. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications, IMEX Builder, Eclipse and Well Test analysis Software. A good team player; able to work well under pressure and willing to relocate and take on new challenges.
Candidate # 256: Chemical Engineer Looking for E.I.T. Opportunity
BSc. in Chemical Engineering with 2 years of professional experience in Safety and Compliance. Sound knowledge of P&ID’s, PFD’s, and other process related documentation. Familiar with HAZOP studies, general understanding of SAGD operations. Proficient in use of spreadsheets (Excel), computer and simulation models (i.e., Aspen HYSYS). Experience performing EHS audits and implementing audit recommendations. Proven mechanical aptitude, problem solving and instrument troubleshooting. Strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills.
Candidate # 257: Process Engineer
M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and Technology, M. Eng. Chemical Engineering and Technology. Eligible for Registered Professional Engineer with APEGA. Over 6 years of petroleum processing experience in oil & gas industry. Proven engineering and technological skills in petroleum processing technology, HTL technology, FCC plant, engineering design skills by using Auto CAD in refining and upgrading process field. Analyzed and built up flow process diagram and determined the heat and material balance for units. Developed engineering design projects from preliminary concepts, engineering calculations, specification sheets in refining and upgrading processes (hydrotreaters, delayed coking, FCC, sulfur recovery processes). Delivered projects on time, on budget and on spec. Developed and maintained long-term relationships with clients.
Candidate # 258: Process/Project Engineer
M.Eng in Chemical Engineering from University of Waterloo, MSc in Oil and Gas Engineering. 3 years experience in process, pipeline distribution, process control systems and project engineering. Knowledgeable with the oil and gas industry services. Expertise in the use of engineering softwares MATLAB, COMSOL Multiphysics, AUTOCAD, SAP and Aspen HYSYS. Skills include: process calculations of line/eqipment sizing and fluid hydraulics, petrochemical plant operations. Highly motivated, punctual, and reliable.
Candidate # 259: Chemical/Process Engineer
BSc. MSc. Chemical Engineering with experience in Process Engineering in chemicals production, Plant commissioning and tuning, as well as process troubleshooting. Two years research experience in alternative chemistries for Oil Sands derived Bitumen desulfurization. Solid knowledge of process simulation theory and software Hysys®/Aspen Plus®. Strong analytical and problem solving skills achieved by a strong academic background and industrial experience. Excellent communicator engaged as leader in student groups and professional associations as CHOA and the CSChE. Registered with APEGA as E.I.T (ongoing application).
Candidate # 260: Chemical/Process Engineer
M.Eng in Chemical Engineering from University of Waterloo. B.Sc in Material Science and Chemical Engineering. 9 years engineering experience in Oil & Gas, and petrochemical industry. Demonstrated experience in process simulation, supervision of piping and equipment construction, initial start-up, daily unit operation and troubleshooting. Proficient in engineering simulation software such as Hysys®/Aspen Plus®. Expertise in H&MB, equipment specification, PSV and hydraulic calculations, parameter optimization, PFDs and P&IDs development, DCS, etc. Moreover, 3 year experience in high tech R&D project development and implementation, HSE regulations, HAZOP assessment, chemical waste management, and pollution control. Professional strengths include attention to detail, self-motivatvation, critical thinking and analytical skills. Eligible for Registered Professional Engineer status with APEGA.
Candidate # 261: Petroleum Engineer seeking E.I.T. opportunity
BSc. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta and a registered member in training with APEGA. Experience in the oil and gas-consulting sector, investigating future trends and impacts of hydraulic fracturing in Alberta. Candidate is seeking an EIT position in the upstream sector with a strong interest in reservoir and production engineering. Competent in the use of AccuMap and CMG and familiar with other industry related software such as Surfer and Energy Navigator. Possesses exceptional organizational and verbal communication skills, thus enhancing productivity when working as part of a team.
Candidate # 301: Environmental Engineer looking for E.I.T. opportunity
Environmental engineer graduate with exceptional technical writing skills looking for field work in the environmental consulting industry doing remediation/reclamation of contaminated sites. Knowledge of Biogeochemistry and Bioremediation, Soil/Water Conservation Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment and Management, and Fluid Mechanics. Experience using surveying tools such as the Trimble GPS unit and Rangefinder. Up to date safety tickets include: Standard First Aid, Petroleum Safety Training, H2S Alive, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Software skills include, Microsoft Office Suite, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D, Solid Edge, MatLAB, and C++. Willing to relocate within Alberta.
Candidate # 304: Environmental Engineer
PhD in Environmental Engineering, MSc. Geology with extensive experience in Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technologies. 3 years geological background in mining exploration with skill in data logging, core logging, sampling, mapping and cross section drafting. 2 + years experience in remote-camp logistics management. Experiance in survey design, programming and the implementation of field works (helicopter-supported reconnaissance-style exploration, regional and local scale outcrop sampling and test pit) for seven (7) projects related to approximately 700 square kilometers of prospect area. Fluent in English, French & Mandarin.
Candidate # 351: Software Engineer
M.Sc. Computing Science (Machine Learning), University of Alberta. Expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Representational Learning; Data Mining and Analysis; Machine Learning; Computer Architecture; Networking; Information Theory. R&D Experience in deriving efficient approximation algorithms for clustering and multi-layer latent variable modeling; designing optimized algorithms for discriminative model. Capable of quickly learning new technologies, systematically solving complex problems and proposing innovative solutions. Active team contributor, positive attitude towards challenges. Proficient in: Java; Matlab; C++/C. Experienced in: Python; Ruby; R; SQL; JavaScript; HTML; Linux, SQLite; MapReduce.
Candidate # 352:  Software Engineer
Ph.D from the Department of Computing Science of University of Alberta. Over 10 years of research & development experience in Image Processing and Computer Vision. Published over 10 scientific papers in top venues in Computer Vision research. Over 10 years of programing experience in C/C++ and MATLAB. Familiar with graphics, image, and vision related libraries, e.g. OpenGL and OpenCV, and GPU/CPU programming. Over 3 years of programming experience in Java, web development (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc.) and database management (SQL, XML, XQuery, etc.). A quick learner, an independent and self-motivated individual, and a reliable team player.
Candidate # 353:  Software Engineer & User Researcher
B.Sc. (Manitoba, 2005), M.Sc. (Alberta, 2008), and Ph.D. (Alberta, 2013) in Computer Science. 10+ years of programming experience (10+ years of Java; 8+ years of C#; 3 years of C/C++); 8+ years of user interface and interaction design & evaluation experience; and 2+ years of research project management experience. Three industrial internships in top software companies( Microsoft and Autodesk). Recipient of various national & international awards and scholarships. A very effective communicator, a good team player with outstanding problem solving and identification skills.
Candidate # 354:  Software Engineer
Ph.D. in Computer Science (System/Network Modeling and Analysis) ,  M.Sc. in Information Technology (Information Security) ,  B.Sc.  in Software Engineering. Knowledge and experience in system/software development  and modeling/analysis.  Programming ability in C, C++, C#.Net Java, Python, SQL, and HTML. Knowledge and experience in securing applications/networks, risk assessment, cryptography, firewall, intrusion detection systems, and penetrations test.  Exceptional talent for developing new ideas, very creative, and fast learner.  Enthusiastic, strongly self-motivated, independent, and highly capable of team working.  Proven ability to manage, organize, prioritize project tasks and highly committed to complete projects on-time.
New - Candidate # 375: Biomedical Engineer
M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from University of Calgary. Great interpersonal skills, team player with demonstrated technical writing and presentation abilities.  Two years of research experience in fMRI analysis in depressed patients. Used FSL software to generate resting state functional connectivity maps. Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills achieved by a strong academic background and work experience. Work experience as a Clinical Engineer. Supervised installation and maintenance of medical equipment. Planning and budgeted of new equipment purchase using cost analysis and market research. Skills include: fMRI analysis (FSL), electronic circuit boards, microscopy, SPSS, MATLAB, ImageJ, ENDNOTE, Microsoft Office Suite. 
New - Candidate # 415: Scientist/Engineer/Analyst
M.Sc. (Chemistry) and B.A.Sc. (Engineering) with 6 years of experience in innovation sector, including evaluating technologies from diverse fields, such as chemistry, materials, micro/nanotechnology, computer science, and agriculture.  Conducted patentability searches and market research, drafted and negotiated legal agreements. Technical lab experience includes working with SEM, EDX, FTIR, NMR, DSC, TGA, XRD, AFM, STM.  Computer skills include programming in C/C++, Turing, LabVIEW, R, MPLAB (assembly), and MC68K (assembly); debugging clients’ pseudocode/patent applications; high level of experience with computers in general, including advanced user level in Word and Excel.  Detail-oriented, analytical, and curious; passion for quality; strong problem-solving and communication skills.
Environmental Science & Life Sciences
Candidate # 400: Environmental Scientist -HIRED
PhD in Environmental Science, with a strong background in contaminated site characterization, restoration and regulatory compliance. Experience includes soil sampling analysis, air and water quality sampling techniques. Areas of expertise in environmental management systems, sustainable development, and climate change. Knowledgeable in natural resource management, impact assessments, monitoring and EMS audit, RABQSA Certified ISO 14001 (EMS) Lead Auditor Certification. Great interpersonal skills, team player, with demonstrated  technical writing and presentation abilities. Knowledge of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, and Water Act. Fluent in English, French, and German.
Candidate # 402: Environmental Specialist
B.Sc.(Physics, METU, 2010),M.Sc.(Physics, U of Alberta, 2012). Expert in advanced programming techniques, in developing models and in using extensive research/scientific tools with 3+ years of software/electronics testing/developing experience. Deep knowledgeable of Physics, Chemistry & Math with passion to new technology and with demonstrated talent of prioritizing own duties, working in tech lab and performing intensive research tasks. Effective communication skills and fluent in 4 languages. Detail-oriented, enthusiastic, quickly assimilates new concepts. Proficient with MC Simulation, Statistics and Data Analysis. Computer-literate with knowledge of Windows, Linux, QCAD, LATEX, ROOT, MS, Python, C/C++, VB, Geant4, HTML. Recipient of national & international awards/scholarships. Seeks employment with research, product development & manufacturing company.
Candidate # 403: Environmental Specialist
Environmental Specialist with experience in water quality evaluation, sample analysis, Impact Assessments and Environmental audits seeks employment with a Canadian environmental services firm or production company. Knowledgeable in performing Environmental Impact Assessments and employing soil conservation, remediation and reclamation methods. Skilled in performing soil and plant analysis for contamination, waste management strategies and phytoremediation projects. A Problem solver with strong communication skills in English, French and German.
Candidate # 404: Research Phyisicst
Research physicist with experience in acoustic data analysis, heat diffusion modelling and water calorimeter data acquisition seeks employment with a Canadian research or product development firm. Prior experience includes leadership of research teams; lecturing in undergraduate physics, chemistry and mathematics; and performing independent research that resulted in authorship of several scientific papers. Familiar with both Windows and Linux operating environments. Performed extensive model development using C++ programming for PICASSO project. The candidate performed physical system simulation modeling using Comsol and Matlab and is proficient in LaTeX, Root, MathCAD, LabVIEW and TurboCAD. Volunteer activities include involvement with WISER; Judo coaching and training youth; and establishing and coordinating an annual judo competition.
Candidate # 405: Research Analyst-Mathematician HIRED
M.Sc. in mathematics (focus on free probability). Conducted a research project on Wigner random matrices. Conducted research on fixed points and normal functions in graduate level analysis. Gathered, organized and presented information on elliptic curve cryptography. Experienced in teaching, tutoring, lecturing. Continued learning knowledge of object oriented programming (C++). Proven abilities in problem solving. Proficient in articulating and writing English.
Candidate # 406: Biochemist
PhD in Biochemistry from University of Alberta. B.Sc in Biology (with Distinction).Extensive research and experience with Secretion of Very Low Density Lipoproteins. Experience working as a Regional Coordinator for a life sciences Alberta-based company. History of public presentation and written publications the Journal of Biological Chemistry -2003, Journal of Lipid Research -2003, Heart Metabolism -2004. Motivated team-player, excellent attention to detail.
Candidate # 407: Research Scientist -Microbiologist
B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Microbiology with over 8 years’ experience in water quality projects related to agricultural and environmental industries. Planned and conducted field research work which involved detection, monitoring and control of microorganisms in water, soil and plant samples; experience in evaluating water quality of irrigation water for agricultural purposes. Extensive knowledge in monitoring and control of microorganisms in water, soil and plant samples Contributing, multi-disciplinary team player, experienced at coordinating research activities, leadership and supervision of junior scientists, interns, and technicians. Member of the International Society of Horticultural Science. Professional Training: WHMIS Certificate 2012, Integrated Pest Management, Food Safety Certification
Candidate # 408: Aquatic Biologist
Highly motivated Biologist with more than five years' experience and particular interest in environmental field monitoring. BSc in Zoology and Botany. Skilled in the field  collection of sediment and water samples from marine and freshwater locations for chemical and toxicity testing. Knowledgeable in eco-toxicology techniques. Experienced in rearing fish and aquatic species. Proficient researcher with strong verbal communication and technical writing skills, in English.  Competent in individual work or as a member of a team. Computer skills include MS Office suite, MS Access, Adobe Reader. Biologist in Training designation.
Candidate # 409: Soil Chemist & Hydrologist
Ph.D. in Renewable Resources from McGill University. MSc. in Agricultural Engineering. Experienced in isotope geochemistry, surface water hydrology, hydrologic modeling, data interpretation and analysis and soil and water conservation. Trained in specialized software: Stable Isotope Analysis in R, ArcGIS, SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool), DRAINMOD, FLUX 32. Strong background in geochemistry. Highly motivated, energetic and organized, confident to work individually or in a team environment. Able to take full responsibility for the delivery of assigned project objectives.
Candidate # 410: Research Scientist - Immunology/Science Communicator
PhD in Immunology from the University of Alberta with over 7 years of combined experience in both industrial and academic research labs focused on developing immunological interventions to treat cancer.  Additional research experience includes projects that applied concepts of immunology to better understand inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis.  Experienced in leading and developing a student run, 2011 ASTech honouree recognized science outreach organization to improve science engagement for northern Alberta K-12 students.  Has completed professional development courses on: Research Ethics, “Good Clinical Practice”, “The Art, Science, and Practice of Positive Networking”, “Foundations of Project management I”.  A great team player with superior communication and team management skills.
Candidate # 411: Research Scientist - Chemistry
PhD in physical organic chemistry from McMaster University, Ontario. Has extensive experience in the synthesis, characterization and analysis of organic molecules, and in determining reactions kinetics. Completed two years at the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta for post-doctoral fellowship where the focus of research was polymer science, nanomaterials, and gene delivery. Instrumentation skills include: GC, GC-MS, NMR, FT-IR, Raman Spectroscopy, Gel Permeation Chromatography, Zeta-potential, DLS, DSC-TGA, Photochemical Reactors, TEM, SEM, Confocal microscopy, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, and Lyophilizer.  A self-motivated individual with excellent presentation skills and 8 publications in peer-reviewed journals.  Looking forward to an exciting career as a research scientist in industry.
Candidate # 412: Mathematician
Ph.D in mathematics and MSc. in Statistics. Specialized focus on Mathematical and Statistical methods to applied sciences in Fluid mechanics, Biology, Health & Social sciences. Strong background in Statistics with a focus in Regression analysis, Survey sampling, Robust design and Harmonic analysis. Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9. Familiar with Minitab, SPSS, Latex, R, Word, excel, Powerpoint. Proficient in mathematical analysis of partial differential equations. Experienced presenter and speaker at conferences and seminars.
New - Candidate # 413: Junior Microbiologist (R&D)
M.Sc in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology with over 2.5 years of experience in Research and Development. Experienced researcher on development of continuous online water toxicity analyzer by utilizing bioluminescent bacteria as biosensor. Designed and executed procedures and techniques. Experienced in teaching and tutoring in both Industrial and academic research laboratory. Focussed on water sampling analysis. A quick learner, excellent multi- site team worker and problem solver looking for an interesting position on same or related field.
Candidate # 414: Agricultural Engineer/ Biotechnologist
Ph.D. in Biotechnology, MSc. in Agricultural Engineering. Over 10 years experience in handling projects from creation to completion. Extensive knowledge of analyzing, data comparing, molecular biology software and Bioinformatics. Demonstrated ability to plan and implement mushroom factories and greenhouse management. Excellent interpersonal skills and proven ability to work in a fast paced environment. Able to meet tight deadlines, complete work in an efficient and safe manner. Demonstrated effective communication skills with people of varying ages and backgrounds. Familiar with Spanish, Turkish, Azeri and Persian languages.  
New - Candidate # 415: Scientist/Engineer/Analyst
M.Sc. (Chemistry) and B.A.Sc. (Engineering) with 6 years of experience in innovation sector, including evaluating technologies from diverse fields, such as chemistry, materials, micro/nanotechnology, computer science, oil and gas, and agriculture.  Conducted patentability searches and market research; provided valuable input to and coordinated filings of patent applications; marketed and licensed technologies; drafted and negotiated legal agreements.  Technical lab experience includes working with SEM, EDX, FTIR, NMR, DSC, TGA, XRD, AFM, STM.  Computer skills include programming in C/C++, Turing, LabVIEW, R, MPLAB (assembly), and MC68K (assembly); debugging clients’ pseudocode/patent applications; high level of experience with computers in general, including advanced user level in Word and Excel.  Detail-oriented, analytical, and curious; passion for quality; strong problem-solving and communication skills.
Candidate # 416: Molecular and Cell Biology Researcher
Accomplished molecular and cell biologist PhD with 5 years academic research experience both in Canada and abroad seeks employment in Edmonton biotechnology or education sectors.  Proven ability to work successfully in a team and assume a leadership role as required to solve problems and reach goals.  Strong oral and written communication skills with an evolving knowledge of computer programming (Python, HTML5, arcGIS).  Enthusiastic teacher, mentor and life-long learner committed to increasing public engagement with science through continuing involvement with STEM outreach initiatives. 
Candidate # 500: Experienced B.Sc in Geological Engineering
Strong background in Exploration Business Knowledge Management, and technical background in Production Geology and Petrophysics. Over 20 years of relevant experience in upstream oil and gas industry in the geosciences area. Extensive expertise in: Exploration Business Unit Knowledge Management, Exploration Business Unit Competencies Model, Exploration Business Unit Long-Medium-Short Technology Plan, Petrophysical analysis of Tertiary clastic formations, and Reserves estimation. Experience in the design, identification, gathering, coaching of professionals in the development of the Business Competencies Model. Team player with outstanding initiative and positive attitude. Fluent in English and Spanish.
Candidate # 501: Geophysicist
PhD in Geophysics from University of Alberta with a strong background in mentoring, teaching, and public presentation. Experience also includes: Management of several high technological experimental and exploration instruments, including a 2G-Enterprise cryogenic magnetometer, Saris resistivity system and ground penetrating radar. Published two scientific articles in international journals. Skills include: Matlab and FORTRAN programming languages. Knowledge in Petrel modeling software,Res2DInv, Gplates and Vista. Fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. Outstanding problem solving skills. Served a term as the vice-president of the University of Alberta Graduate Geophysics Student Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Chapter.
Candidate # 601: Electronics Engineering Technologist
Bsc. Electronics Engineering Technologist with over five years' experience working in electronics assembly and testing. Excellent knowledge and experience with Digital Signal Processing in areas of combinational logic circuit adders, parity checkers and flip-flop, covering resistive, R-L and R-C circuits. Skilled in working with microprocessor systems centers on hardware and software of embedded systems such as microcontroller, to perform systems analysis and design. Excellent experience reading and interpreting schematics and blue prints. Software skills include: MS office, Windows NT, DOS, excel, PowerPoint, Matlab, Quattro pro and microcontrollers. Highly motivated, team player.
Candidate # 602: Junior Business Analyst, IT Specialist
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems and Networks, certified in Business Management, currently enrolled into Business Analysis course at Mount Royal University, Calgary. Over four years of experience in IT field, providing application management services, helping clients to meet their business objectives. Experienced in performing Business Analysis duties with strong information management abilities - gathering, documentation, analysis, and validation of business requirements. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, able to effectively and professionally interact with business clients and technical teams at any level. Excellent Microsoft Office Suite skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), SAP HR. Quick learner; successful in both team and self-directed settings; critical thinker and excellent problem solver.
Candidate # 603 Computer Information Systems Analyst/ Project Manager
MSc. Computer Information Systems, MBA in Project Management from University of New Brunswick.  Experienced in system and data analysis, software and electronics testing and software development. Has a background in electrical and computer engineering. Programming ability in C, C++, Java, SQL, HTML, PL/SQL, Visual Basic. Aware of all forms of data modeling, including conceptual, enterprise, functional and physical and specialized in functional data modeling. Highly motivated, excellent communicator, punctual and reliable. Expertise in SQL, PL/SQL, LINUX, UNIX scripting, MS Project.
Candidate # 606: Network/System/IT Support Engineer
MEng. Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, APEGA (EIT),  BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Over 4 years of experience in telecommunication and Information Technology industries. Experience in IT network design and implementation for a new offices, and client support. Proficient in analyzing and troubleshooting systems, user support, training and mentoring customers and colleagues. Solid knowledge of LAN/WAN networks, Rapid Fire Tools  Network Detective, Office365, Windows server 2008/ 2008 R2, Exchange Server, Lync, TCP/IP networking, HP Switch, Juniper Switch, Computer Hardware/Software installation, VoIP, CISCO router and switch configuration (CCNA in progress), network simulation, network management, Packet trap, RDP, Expert Assist, LogmeIn, wireless networks and QoS policies. Computer programming skills: Widows power shell scripting and knowledge with C++