When considering becoming a BESTT candidate, we would like to let you know how the BESTT team selects candidates into the program.

We start off by looking for for STEM professionals with University Degrees in Science, Engineering, and Technology  degrees who are in ONE of the following categories:

1) returning to work after a leave care giving or illness

2) newcomers to Alberta

3) Advanced Degrees looking to innovate in industry

and ALSO are;

4)  able to demonstrate ESL language competency at a Canadian Language Benchmark of 4 or above through a language skills program or other acceptable measures.

5) someone who is a Permanent Resident to Canada

6) a person who is unemployed and needs the opportunity for work related to their professions  - we do not want to take people from existing jobs

7) willing to have professional credentials in place ie. APEGA

If you meet the above criteria, we then ask that you fill out the Candidate profile section on the Home Page which is under the Quick Links section on the right. Please note: Our screening process involves assessing your application based on the above criteria as a baseline to accepting you into the program.


You will receive an email confiming that we have received your information which could be up to 4-5 weeks after you have submitted your information online. We will also ask your permission to have our monthly e-newsletter sent to your email address that you provide. After you are accepted we do want to keep contact with you and will email you weekly about updates, hints, job listings, and tips for your job search. We recommend you read our newsletters as they give you updates on networking activities to meet potential employers held with our partner groups in Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge.

In return, we ask that you also let us know if you find work, no longer wish to be in the program, and that you respond to our communications. This really helps us out to keep track of who we are working with - if we have an employer or potential mentor to match you up to.

We also would like to note that if we cannot help you out, or you do not fit the requirements above, we will refer you to other agencies or sources for support.


A community leader who also:

...has excellent abilities to give constructive feedback, coaching, and modelling to others who are developing skills;

...may be aware of adult-learning principles and able to apply them with there protege;

...possesses verve and passion for their profession;

...can exercise patience, active-listening skills, and the ability to understand adult-learning methods;

...is very strong in their knowledge of the organizations they work in;

...is interested in gaining professional enhancement skills and can give back to their choosen science profession;

...is reasonably available and interested and excited in the possibility of delivering mentoring electronically.       

  If you would like to become a BESTT mentor contact us directly at 1-855-212-1783.

It will be one of the BESTT moves you have ever made!