BESTT Mission Statement

The mission of BESTT is to enable Albertans to reach their full innovation potential, with a specific focus on providing assistance to: new Albertans, PhD’s interested in innovating in industry, and scientists and engineers who want to re-engage in the workforce.

BESTT Vision

The BESTT program aims to help qualified people find jobs and to help companies find the exceptional talent they need. The overarching mission of the founding organizations involved in the BESTT program has always been to attract, retain, and advance highly qualified personnel in science, technology, and engineering fields.

Core Competencies

- Building Collaborative Relationships

- Fostering Innovation

- Providing Motivational Support

- Empowering Others

- Community and Career Opportunity and Networking Engagement

Key Initiatives 

- Connecting candidates with mentors in their industry

- Providing ways and expertise in finding opportunities

- Encouraging candidate involvement with professional networks

- Helping Albertan’s overcome cultural barriers

- Creating local experiences through internships and employment opportunities

- Building corporate and community sponsor relationships